1998 Komori L628

20 x 28 inch six-color format PQC console for ink and register Plate cocking from console S-APC Komorimatic continuous dampening Automatic roller wash Automatic blanket wash Ink temperature control Baldwin solution R&R Sheet decurler Powder spray Approximately 65mm impressions

2000 Komori L540P+CX

28 x 40 inch five-color format Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery Harris & Bruno Anilox coater with chambered doctor blade Factory raise kit with band-stand height catwalks 2/3 or 5/0 convertible perfector PQC console for ink and register Upgraded PDS Color+ scanner for closed-loop […]

2001 Komori L640+CX

Trinity is pleased to offer this very attractive Komori L640+CX for sale in the USA. The machine has been well-kept and has the full ’45-series’ automation package. F-APC, all washers, paper presets, upgraded closed-loop scanning system and more. Call or email us for more information. […]

2008 Komori LSX729+CX

Here is a nearly-unique offering from Trinity Printing Machinery. This used Komori LSX729+CX was custom-ordered by a printer with a very particular wish-list. The machine features the full ’45-series-automation package with all the labor-saving features available at the time. It has skeleton transfers, is 32 […]

2008 KBA RA105-CX-8+ALV3

Trinity Printing Machinery is very pleased to be able of offer this truly special printing press. This used KBA 105-8+ALV has every feature a packaging printer could want. This is a straight 8/0 press with no perfector. It was ordered with the CX package for […]

2008 Komori LSX629+CX

Here is another fantastic Komori LSX29 press available with Trinity Printing Machinery. This used 2008 Komori LSX629+CX is a full ’45-series’ machine with all the available automation features. Fully-automatic plate changing, closed-loop scanning, Harris & Bruno Anilox coater and much more. The press is in […]

2019 Komori GL540+CX IR/LED UV Hybrid

Here is a true prize of a printing press available with Trinity Printing Machinery. This used 2019 Komori GL540+CX has all the ‘bells and whistles’ you could want. Full ’45-series’ automation package with fully-automatic plate changing, closed-loop scanning, Anilox coater, skeleton transfer cylinders, LED UV […]

2006 Komori LS1040P+CCX Double Coater w/UV

This is one of the most versatile, flexible B1 printing presses on the planet. This Komori LS ten-color coater is configured with two Anilox coating systems – one after print unit 5 and one after print unit 10. The press has a possible total of […]

2008 Komori LSX629+CX UV/Hybrid

Here is yet another 24 x 29″ 6-up Komori LSX629+CX we have for sale with Trinity Printing Machinery. This very clean example is currently running in the USA and can be print tested and inspected right away. It features the full ’45-Series’ automation package with […]

2005 Mitsubishi D3000-4-R-TC-LS

Here is another great printing press we have for sale at Trinity Printing Machinery, USA. This 2005 Mitsubishi D300o four-color coater press is from a very nice commercial plant the the United States. The press has very nice automation features with S-APC, closed-loop scanning, CIP3 […]

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