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  • 2006 Mitsubishi D3000LS-8+TC+ED+UV

    28 x 40 inch eight-color format Straight 8/0 – no perfector Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery Harris & Bruno Coating System with chambered doctor blade COMRAC console with touch screen monitor for operations High-speed continual feed with swing gripper infeed Multi-mode dampening system with Delta Dampening Paper presets – Automatic Sheet Size set up for infeed and delivery S-APC Automatic ink-up and ink pre-sets Personal Computer Management Software for repeat data Baldwin Automatic Cloth Blanket Washers Full Plate Register at Console (circumferential, lateral and cocking) Royse Chilled Circulation Ink Temperature Control IR dryer with Hot Air Knives 3 x Grafix UV Interdeck Lamps 3 x Grafix End of press UV Lamps Hot air knives High speed delivery Chameleon Rollers + 1 Extra Unit Grafix Digitronic multi-function spray powder unit Approximately 170mm impressions […]

  • 2015 Komori Lithrone LS429+CX

  • 2007 Heidelberg SM102-4P

  • 1995 Iberica JRK105 Die Cutter Blanker

  • 2003 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-5P-H

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