Electech UV Curing Systems

Electech U.V. Curing Systems

Trinity Printing Machinery is proud to be a dealer for Electech U.V. curing products. We can outfit just about any offset printing press with U.V. curing at pricing competitive with ANY other U.V. supplier.

About Electech

Electech is the oldest continuous provider of U.V. curing systems specifically for offset printing. Since, the mid-1980s Electech has held the distinction as the highest performance U.V. Curing System commercially available for offset Sheetfed and Web printing and coating. The Electech system’s unmatched durability and performance provide Komori, Heidelberg, Mitsubishi, Manroland and KBA presses with the capability to print at the highest speeds and lowest sheet temperatures.

Electech U.V. systems improve quality, production and turnaround times while reducing operating costs. Exceptionally high irradiance affords unmatched depth of cure penetrating deep into heavily pigmented U.V. inks and thick U.V. coatings. It’s no surprise the Electech System is the system of choice for companies specializing in offset plastic printing where superior adhesion and scratch resistance are required. Improved through 26 years of constant refinement, the Electech U.V. Curing System offers printers an extremely reliable, easy to use system, at an affordable price. Simply put the Electech U.V. system is the perfect high performance power tool for any print shop.

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