2001 Heidelberg SM74-5+LX

Here is a very nice used Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 five color with coater we can offer for sale. This SM74-5+LX has some very nice features we don’t often see including tower coater with EXTENDED delivery […]

2005 Komori LS440+CX

2005 Komori LS440+CX 28 x 40 inch four-color format Straight 4/0 – no perfector Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery G7 Certified machine Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade PQC console for ink and […]

2010 Heidelberg XL145-4

41 x 57 inch four-color format Approximately 80mm impressions Straight Wallscreren Inpress control Alcolor Vario dampening Autoplate XL Preset Plus in feeder & delivery Technotrans CombiStar with ink unit temperature control Automatic roller wash Automatic blanket wash Automatic impression cylinder wash AirStar CleanStar StaticStar Air transfer system Intercom Steel plate in feeder & delivery Ultrasonic double sheet control PowderStar Prinect press center CP2000 […]

1999 Heidelberg SM74-6

Here is a beautiful SM74-6 straight machine printing G7 work in a very high quality shop in the USA. A main production press used every day and well maintained. Available in December for removal; make an offer. Call or email for information today!!!
20 x 28 inch six-color format Printing G7 work Alcolor CPC 1.04 console CP tronics Autoplate Presets Scanning spectrophotometer Automatic roller wash Automatic blanket wash Automatic impression cylinder wash New rollers IR dryer Approximately 290mm impressions […]

2004 Shinohara 75VP+CX

Here is an amazing machine for a printer looking to step in to the 6-up market. This used Shinohara 75 five color with coater is a 2/3 perfector for the flexibility of printing straight or […] […]

2012 Komori GL540 HUV

From Trinity Printing Machinery comes the following straight, 5-color Komori with UV. Call or email for information today!!!
28 x 40 inch five-color format Full APC QPC PDCS II scanner AMR KHS-AI Komorimatic dampening Technotrans Beta C Ink temperature control UV dryer with 1 lamp Automatic roller wash Automatic blanket wash Automatic impression cylinder wash Powder sprayer UV roller Skeleton transfer cylinders Approximately 106mm impressions […]

2008 Komori LS440

The following straight 4-color Komori is available now from Trinity Printing Machinery. Call or email today for more information!
28 x 40 inch four-color format PQC-S console KMS-IV Komorimatic dampening SAPC: semi-automatic plate change Automatic roller wash Automatic blanket wash Non-stop feeder & delivery Toho powder spray […]

2005 Komori NL528

Trinity Printing Machinery is pleased to offer this 5-color, 4-up straight Komori. This press features Quick action clamps, automatic blanket wash and more. See the press in production by clicking the video below. Call or email today!
20 x 28 inch five-color format Quick action plate clamps PQC off-press Automatic blanket wash Suction tape feeder Technotrans refrigeration KMS-IV Komorimatic dampening Approximately 95mm impressions […]

2001 Heidelberg CD74-6+LX2-F

Here is one of the most requested presses for the U.S. market. This used Heidelberg CD74-6+LX is in full production in the U.S. now. The machine features AxisControl for closed-loop scanning, Alcolor Vario dampeners for […]

2006 Mitsubishi D3000LS-8+TC+ED+UV

28 x 40 inch eight-color format Straight 8/0 – no perfector Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery Harris & Bruno Coating System with chambered doctor blade COMRAC console with touch screen monitor for operations High-speed continual feed with swing gripper infeed Multi-mode dampening system with Delta Dampening Paper presets – Automatic Sheet Size set up for infeed and delivery S-APC Automatic ink-up and ink pre-sets Personal Computer Management Software for repeat data Baldwin Automatic Cloth Blanket Washers Full Plate Register at Console (circumferential, lateral and cocking) Royse Chilled Circulation Ink Temperature Control IR dryer with Hot Air Knives 3 x Grafix UV Interdeck Lamps 3 x Grafix End of press UV Lamps Hot air knives High speed delivery Chameleon Rollers + 1 Extra Unit Grafix Digitronic multi-function spray powder unit Approximately 170mm impressions […]

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