2007 Mitsubishi D3000S-6+CX

Here is a very in-demand used Mitsubishi D3000 press we have for sale. This 2007 Mitsubishi D3000S-6+LX six color coater offset press available with Trinity is located in the USA and is in production now. It features S-APC, X-Rite closed-loop scanning, automatic washers, non-stop feeder […]

2004 Akiyama Bestech BT628+C

This is, quite possibly, the cleanest used Akiyama we have ever seen. This used 2004 Akiyama Bestech BT628+C six color coater for sale with Trinity is in fantastic condition. The press is under power in the USA and is available immediately. It features automatic scanning […]

2003 Komori LS640+CX

Here is a very well-kept used Komori LS640+CX six-color coater press we have for sale. The machine is in production in the USA and can be print tested and inspected. It features 45-Series automation with F-APC, Anilox coater, closed-loop scanning, all automatic washers and more. […]

2021 Heidelberg XL106-6+LX

*Amazing Press*  This used 2021 Heidelberg XL106-6+LX offset printing press is for sale with Trinity Printing Machinery USA. Less than 30mm original impressions on this beauty. It features the true full 525mm raise kit making it ideal for packaging applications. In addition, it has all […]

2004 Heidelberg CD74-6P+LX F

Here is another Heidelberg sheetfed offset press available for sale with Trinity Printing Machinery. This used 2004 Heidelberg CD74-6P+LX in F-format we have available for sale is located in the USA and is under power now. It features Anilox coater, AxisControl, Alcolor Vario dampeners, CAN […]

2011 Komori GL840P+CCX Hybrid UV/IR

*Eight color – double coater – unique configuration* This is a very special used Komori GL40 we have for sale. This 2011 Komori GL840P+CCX is a productivity monster. This press will print 4/4 with coating on BOTH sides in either UV inks and coatings or […]

2006 Komori LS640+CX

Here is another fantastic Komori LS40 press available with Trinity. This used 2006 Komori LS640+CX has both UV curing for UV inks and coatings as well as IR and hot air knives for conventional ink curing.  A 40pt. capable press, this hybrid machine is attractive […]

2008 Komori LSX629+CX

***By popular demand*** Trinity Printing Machinery is very pleased to be able to offer another used Komori press. This Komori LSX629+CX six color coater has all the bells and whistles. It features a Harris & Bruno Anilox coater, Fully-automatic plate changing, CIP3 for job pre-inking, […]

2000 Komori L640+CX

45-Series automation package 28 x 40 inch six-color format Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery F-APC – Fully-automatic plate changing PQC console for ink and register PDC-S for closed-loop scanning KMS-IV – Komori Monitoring System Automatic roller wash Automatic blanket wash Automatic impression cylinder wash […]

2009 Komori LS840+CX UV/Hybrid

*Straight 8/0 with Coater and UV* Here is another of the more rare press configurations available from Trinity Printing Machinery. This used 2009 Komori LS840+CX offset printing press has the full compliment of automation by way of its ’45-series’ package. The press features all available […]

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