1991 Shinohara 52-IV P

From Trinity Printing Machinery comes the following offer for a 2-up 4 color Shinohara with 38mm impressions. Call or email for information today!!! 14 x 20 inch four-color format 2/2 or 4/0 convertible perfector OS-52-MII […] […]

2006 Shinohara 79VH+CX

***Just 30mm original impressions! 6-up 5/Color+Coater & UV!!*** This is a very special press. This Shinohara 79VH+CX has UV interdeck and end-of-press curing. It features closed-loop scanning, Anilox coater, up to 32 point stock capabilities, […] […]

2000 Shinohara 74VP+CX

23 x 29 inch five-color format Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery Tresu Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade High pile delivery Shinohara Control Console for ink and register SAPC Shinohara continuous dampeners – […] […]

2001 Shinohara 74V+CX

This Shinohara 74V+CX has a low impression count. Press has obviously been cared for by an operator and owner who cares for his machines. Press is under power and available for print test. Call or […] […]

2002 Shinohara 75VIII

23 x 29 inch eight-color format SAPC – semi-automatic plate change Automatic roller wash X-Rite density Non-stop feeder Approximately 177mm impressions […]

2008 Shinohara 75 V

23 x 29 inch five-color format Shinohara control console for ink and delivery POD touch-screen controls at delivery Shinohara continous dampening – With Delta-effect CIP3 Semi automatic plate change Semi high pile Automatic blanket wash […] […]

2004 Shinohara 75VP+CX

Here is an amazing machine for a printer looking to step in to the 6-up market. This used Shinohara 75 five color with coater is a 2/3 perfector for the flexibility of printing straight or […] […]

2003 Shinohara 75V+CX

Here is a very desirable 6-up five-color Shinohara with Harris & Bruno Anilox coater and extended delivery. Press is in production per the photos and is in very good mechanical condition. Call or email us […] […]

1998 Shinohara 66-IIP

From Trinity Printing Machinery comes the following offer for a 4-up, 2 color, perfector, Shinohara with 26mm impressions. Call or email for information today!!! 20 x 26 inch two-color format 1/1 or 2/0 convertible perfector […] […]

2004 Shinohara 75-5VH

20 x 29 inch five-color format SCCS Shinohara colour control station controls with overhead lamp Techkon RS800 scan spectrometer CIP3 Continuous dampening with Baldwin recirculation SPC semi automatic plate change with plate clamp cocking Impression […] […]

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