2006 Komori NL 528+CX

Here is another great press available with Trinity Printing Machinery. This 2006 Komori NL 528+CX (installed in 2007) has AMR for paper presets, KMS-IV, tower coater. Approximately 90 million impressions and is available immediately, ideal for any commercial plant that wants maximum productivity. Call or email for more information.

    • 20 x 28 inch five-color format
    • Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery
    • PQC Console for ink and register
    • Komorimatic continuous dampening – With Delta-effect
    • Semi-automatic Plate Changers
    • KMS-IV – Komori Monitoring System
    • AMR for paper presets
    • Royce refrigeration and recirculation
    • Automatic roller wash
    • Weko AP232 Powder Spray
    • Pierry IR Dryer with hot air knives
    • All Chromed Cylinders
    • Just 90 Million Impressions

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