2006 Ryobi 755+CX-E

Here is a press that has received much love and care during its life. Run by the same operator from the time it was brand new, this press has been cared for meticulously and is in showroom condition. Featuring an Anilox coating system, Ink Sentinels, and suitable for LED retrofit. Call or email for more information today!!

  • 23 x 29 inch five-color format
  • No cylinder damage
  • Showroom condition
  • E model, suitable for LED retrofit
  • XLW image area – 6-up 23 x 29″ U.S. format
  • Anilox tower coater with extended delivery
  • PCS-G Console for ink and register
  • PDS-E color control scanner
  • CIP4 pre-press link
  • Ryobi Semi-automatic plate change
  • Paper presets
  • Ryobimatic dampening
  • Refrigeration & recirculation unit
  • Automatic roller wash
  • Automatic blanket wash
  • Automatic impression cylinder wash
  • Ink sentinels
  • IR dryer with hot air knives
  • Powder spray
  • UV prepped
  • Approximately 95mm impressions

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