2007 Roland R706 P+LV

Used Printing Machines - Trinity Printing Machinery
Used Printing Machines - Trinity Printing Machinery

Here we have a very interesting used Roland press for sale. This MAN Roland 706P+LV is a 2/4 perfector with Anilox coating and has both IR and UV curing in the delivery. From and all-Roland shop that obviously cares for their equipment. Call or email us for more information on this fantastic press!

  • 29″ X 41″ 6 Color Format
  • Dedicated Tower Coater with Extended Delivery
  • Anilox Coating System with Chambered Doctor Blade
  • Hi Print Version
  • APL
  • Auto Format Setting
  • RCI
  • ColorPilot
  • Roland Deltamatic
  • Ink Temperature Control
  • Non-Stop Feeder
  • Auto Blanket Wash
  • Auto Impression Cylinder Wash
  • Auto Ink Roller Wash
  • Anilox Coating Unit
  • IR Dryer With Air Knife
  • UV Drying
  • Grafix Dry Spray
  • Non-Stop Delivery
  • Impressions: c. 130 million

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