2008 Heidelberg XL75-6-LYYLX3-F-UV Hybrid

True hybrid with both UV and conventional coaters - unique!

2008 Heidelberg XL75-6-LYYLX F-format UV Hybrid for sale from Trinity Printing Machinery

Here is a very special opportunity from Trinity Printing Machinery. This Heidelberg XL75-6-LYYLX F-format (23 x 29″) machine is a true HYBRID six-color press with not only UV and IR/HA drying, but true dual UV and aqueous coating systems. Print UV coating only, conventional coating only or both UV and conventional coating at the same time. A packaging or specialty printer’s dream press. Call or email for more information. This one will likely sell nearly immediately.

  • 23 x 29 inch six-color format
  • 6-up image size for US & Australian market printers
  • Two dedicated tower coaters
  • X3 extended delivery
  • Factory raise kit with band-stand height catwalks
  • Machine configuration – 6 printing units, tower coater, HA & IR drying units, tower coater, X3 extended delivery with IR/hot air and EOP UV curing
  • Anilox coating systems with chambered doctor blade
  • PrintCenter console for ink and register
  • AxisControl v2 for closed-loop scanning – density and spectral
  • Autoplate
  • Alcolor Vario dampeners
  • PresetPlus feeder and delivery
  • Non-stop feeder – with swords
  • Non-stop delivery – with rake
  • Automatic roller wash
  • Automatic blanket wash
  • Automatic impression cylinder wash
  • Heidelberg DryStar combination IR/HA/UV curing – Machine built for hybrid UV and IR
  • Interdeck preparation at all print units and coaters
  • 1 UV lamp (special) for white primer on unit #1
  • 3x Interdeck UV movable lamps
  • 3x UV lamps in delivery
  • Dual UV and aqueous coaters
  • UV and aqueous coating circulation systems
  • Varnish temperature control system – with Viscometer Junior
  • CombiStar for ink temperature control and solution R&R
  • Ink agitators
  • Advanced anti-static at feeder and delivery – machine prepped for foil
  • AirStar Pro
  • PowderStar – Weko AP232 powder spray
  • Approximately 178mm impressions
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