2013 Ryobi 926+CX

Trinity Printing Machines is pleased to offer the following 8-up, 6-color Ryobi. This press features a dedicated tower coater with extended, high-pile delivery, SAPC, IR dryer and much more. Call or email for information today!!!

  • 24 x 36 inch six-color format
  • Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery
  • Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade
  • High pile delivery
  • IR dryer
  • SAPC: semi-automatic plate change
  • Ryobimatic dampening
  • Technotrans refrigeration and recirculation
  • PCS-G
  • Pre-sets
  • Automatic roller wash
  • Automatic blanket wash
  • Electric powder spray
  • Ryobi PDS-E
  • CIP-3
  • Pre-press interface

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