2019 Komori GL640+CX LED UV/IR Hybrid

This is a truly stunning opportunity with Trinity Printing Machinery. This used Komori GL640+CX is located in the USA and is in production now. It is in fantastic condition and has all the features any printer in the USA would want including factory raise kit, LED UV and IR/HA drying capabilities, fully-automatic plate changing, automatic non-stop delivery and non-stop feeder, upgraded coating circulation system, closed-loop scanning and much, much more. Only 32mm original impressions on this beauty. Call or email us for more information on this spectacular press. 

  • 28 x 40 inch six-color format
  • Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery
  • Factory raise kit with bandstand height catwalks
  • Harris & Bruno Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade
    (2 Anilox Rollers, 1 Spare Chamber, 1 set-up Cart and 1 Inline heating unit)
  • 2 x AMS LED UV
  • F-APC – Fully-automatic plate changing
  • PQC-S console
  • PDC-SX for closed-loop scanning – density and spectral
  • Komorimatic II continuous dampening – with Delta-effect for hickey-free printing
  • KMS-IV – Komori Monitoring System
  • KHS-AI – Komori Hyper-Speed inking with Artificial Intelligence (Self-learning console)
  • KMS-IV – Komori Monitoring System
  • AMR – Automatic Make-Ready – paper size and thickness presets
  • Automatic non-stop delivery
  • Non-stop feeder – with swords
  • Automatic roller wash
  • Automatic blanket wash
  • Automatic impression cylinder wash
  • AGT Combi unit for ink temperature control and solution R&R
  • Sentinel cartridge inking system w/ink agitators
  • Pierry IR dryer with hot air knives
  • Komori Coating circulator system with PLC/Aqueous/UV Coating Upgrade
  • Powder spray
  • Approximately 32mm impressions
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