2006 Roland 905-8+LV XXL

from trinity Printing Machinery comes this large-format Roland in excellent condition with very low impressions. Well equipped with all the options for a optimal large-format printing.

  • 51 x 72 inch five-color format
  • Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery
  • Inline coater with chambered doctor blade
  • Steel plate in feeder and delivery
  • Stream feeder
  • Double sheet detection
  • ionizer on feeder
  • Electronic side lay control
  • Sheet decurler
  • PPL semi-automatic plate change
  • Pecom press center
  • Rolandmatic deltmatic dampening control
  • Graphometric ink temperature control
  • Cantronic Grafix powder spray
  • Airglide delivery
  • Automatic roller wash
  • Automatic blanket wash
  • Automatic impression cylinder wash
  • RolandSeccomatic IR/TL end dryer
  • Becker Variair system watercooled
  • Atlas copco compressor
  • Approximately 62mm impressions

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