2008 MAN Roland 506 OB LV

23 x 29 inch six-color coater with full UV!

Here is another rare find from Trinity Printing Machinery. This used 2008 MAN Roland 506 OB LV is a U.S. format 23 x 29″ 6-up machine. It features full UV curing with six interdecks plus end of press curing. All the right features with closed-loop scanning, Tresu Anilox coater, all washers, ink temperature control and more. Call or email us for more information.

23 x 29″ six-color format
Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery
Tresu Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade
16,000 Sheets Per Hour
PPL – Power Plate Loading – Semi auto single plate
Rolandmatic Dampening
AGT Ink Temperature Control
Technotrans solution R&R
Auto Ink Roller Wash
Auto Blanket Wash
Auto Impression Cylinder Wash
Non-Stop Delivery
UV Interdeck (6 x lamps): 6 units plus 2 delivery
UV Drying – End Of Press
Grafix Dry Spray
Approximately 159mm impressions

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