2015 Komori GL 540+CX – H-UV

Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery
Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade
Hybrid press
H-UV in end-of-press
F-APC – Fully-automatic plate changing
PQC-S console
PDC-SX for closed-loop scanning – density and spectral
Komorimatic II continuous dampening – with Delta-effect for hickey-free printing
KHS-AI – Komori Hyper-Speed inking with Artificial Intelligence (Self-learning console)
KMS-IV – Komori Monitoring System
Automatic roller wash
Automatic blanket wash
Automatic impression cylinder wash
All paper presets for size, thickness and air from console
Combi unit for ink temperature control and solution R&R
IR dryer with hot air knives
Non-stop feeder and delivery
Powder spray

65 Million Impressions

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