2007 Komori LSX629

24 x 29 inch six-color coater for the 6-up U.S. printer!!

Once again we are happy to offer another used Komori LSX629 press for the 6-up print market. This press is in full production just as you see in the photos. We offer as owners, so having your mechanic in to print test and inspect is no problem at all. Fully automated with all the bells and whistles. Call or email us to talk about pricing and what the weather would be like for your trip!

  • 24 x 29 inch six-color format
  • 6-up image area for U.S. printers
  • Series 45 – Full automation package
  • Komorimatic dampening – with Delta-effect
  • Harris & Bruno Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade
  • PDC-SII for closed-loop scanning
  • F-APC – Fully Automatic Plate Changers
  • KMS-IV
  • AMR for paper size and thickness presets
  • Automatic Blanket Washers
  • Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaner
  • Automatic Ink Roller Washers
  • Ink temperature control
  • Skeleton Transfers
  • Non-Stop Feeder
  • Non-Stop delivery
  • Suction Tape Feeder
  • Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detector
  • Weko powder spray
  • Royse solution R&R
  • Pierry IR dryer with hot air knives

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