2011 Komori GL540+CX

***Only 48mm original impressions!*** Here is a perfect opportunity for a printer who may be considering a new Komori press. This machine has all the automation options for a retail U.S. printer and is in excellent condition. The machine is H-UV prepared and can be […]

2007 Ryobi 755+CX XLW-D w/AMS LED UV

**Print tested, inspected and checked by TPM** This beautiful Ryobi 755 with tower coater is in amazing condition. The press has all the automation features you would expect like S-APC, closed-loop scanning, paper presets, etc., but also has the new AMS LED UV system everyone […]

2001 Heidelberg CD102-4+L

Wow! Take a look at how clean this used Heidelberg CD102-4+L is!! This magnificent machine features CP2000 off-press controls, CombiStar for ink temperature control and solution R&R, DryStar, all automatic washers and more. Call or email us for more info on this Heidelberg CD102 press […]

2008 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-8P

Here is a very clean Heidelberg long perfector we have for sale. This 2008 Speedmaster SM102-8P has both Preset Plus feeder and delivery as well as non-stop options, ImageControl, Wallscreen and much more. All water-cooled peripherals. The machine has been kept in VERY nice condition […]

2013 Heidelberg XL75-7+LX3-F w/U.V. Hybrid

Here is another very special press we have the privilege of offering. This used Heidelberg XL75 seven color coater is a truly unique machine in the world, to our knowledge. This press features true hybrid curing capabilities with U.V. interdeck and end of press curing […]

2012 Heidelberg SM74-8P+LX

20 x 29 inch eight-color format Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery 4/4 or 8/0 convertible perfector – push-button change-over Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade Print Center Console for ink and register Autoplate Preset Alcolor Vario dampeners Automatic roller wash Automatic blanket wash […]

2008 Ryobi 755P-CX XLW

***All automation options- Full APC and more!*** With 69 million impressions, this five color Ryobi is a great find! This 6-up press features a dedicated tower coater with extended delivery, 2/3 convertible perfector, all automatic washers and more! Call or email for information today!!!
23 x 29 inch five-color format 6-up Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade 2/3 or 5/0 convertible perfector – push-button change-over PCS-G console for ink and register PDS-E for closed-loop scanning CIP3 for ink key profiles Ryobimatic-D dampeners – with Delta-effect F-APC – Fully automatic plate changing Paper presets Automatic blanket wash Automatic roller wash Automatic impression cylinder wash Ink temperature control Grafix IR dryer with hot air knives Powder spray Approximately 69mm impressions […]

2002 Ryobi 3304

13 x 18 inch four-color format SAPC: semi-automatic plate change CPC console Pneumatic Approximately 19mm impressions […]

2004 Ryobi 3304

13 x 18 inch four-color format Ryobimatic dampening PCS console Semi-automatic plate loader Royse refrigeration Powder spray Optical plate punch Approximately 7mm impressions […]

2004 Ryobi 524HXX

14 x 20 inch four-color format PCS-F console PDS-E color bar scanner Automatic roller wash Automatic blanket wash SAPC: semi-automatic plate change Midlan IR dryer Royse refrigeration and recirculation Approximately 55mm impressions […]

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